Utilities Included - Post Production

When a couple moves into their new apartment they didn't expect for it to already be inhabited by a gang of pesky ghosts who get a kick out of haunting the living. 

Starring Lejon Woods, Robbie Barnes, Pat D'Angelo, Megan Gurcze, Matt Rossman, Christopher Meigs, and Ron George. 

Written and Directed by: Robbie Barnes and James Neyman
Original Story by: Bryan and Connie Fasig

Director of Photography: James Neyman



When Emily met Victor he restored her hope and is a beacon of light in her world. But will the curse she carries ultimately cost him his life?

The screenplay is an Official Selection at the Women in Horror Film Festival in Atlanta, GA in Feb. 2020

In Pre-Production

Written & Directed by: Robbie Barnes

Director of Photography: James Neyman

Starring: TBD



 In this surrealistic world, Jack and Sarah are literally living the dream life. But one of them wants to break free from their perfect dreamscape and live a life in a real world, filled with beauty, pain, and everything in between. But doing so might cost this couple everything and turn their dream into a nightmare. 

Starring:  Kinsley Funari, Cody Kilpatrick Steele, Amber Burns, Andrew Narten, Matthew Vovos, Sophia Vovos, and George Tutie 

Written by: Greg Vovos   •   Directed by: Robbie Barnes

DREAM COME TRUE- Official Trailer